Although traditionally educated in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, I have developed an interest and attained qualifications in equine osteopathy as an alternative form of therapy for horses of all performance levels. Although this form of treatment is often treated by “traditional” Veterinarians with scepticism, I have been able to utilise this therapy and judge the success of it objectively based on my knowledge and expectation of traditional Veterinary Science.

Osteopathy provides a proactive approach for detection of disorders that may have vague clinical presentations such as:

  • Poor performance (riding and racing)
  • Vague weight loss
  • Failure to thrive after a fall or post partum in the absence of obvious clinical abnormalities
  • Obscure lameness
  • Back pain
  • Rotated vertebrae

It may also be used as supportive therapy during recovery periods.

Various techniques are utilised:

  • Craniosacral – energetic cure with hands on the lesion
  • Structural – utilising thrust or short movement manipulation
  • Fascial and Visceral – energetic cure