About Osteopathy
History of Human Osteopathy

1828: Birth of Dr. Andrew Still in Jonesville, Lee County Virginia (USA).
1874: Dr Still invented 'Human Osteopathy' on 22nd June at 10 o'clock in the morning.

1892: Foundation of the first school for Human Osteopathy in Kirksville (USA).

1896: The state of Vermont officially recognised Osteopathy, other states followed.

1917: John Martin Littlejohn (Doctor in chemistry, biology, physics and physio-pathology (1865-1947) - student of Dr Still, established the British School of Osteopathy in London.

1939: W. G. Sutherland (1872-1950) developed cranial osteopathy and proved the movement of cranial bones.

1964: Viola Fryman, Denis Brookes, Tom Schooley - US American Osteopaths - Students of Dr Still, were teachers of the cranial concept of Osteopathy in France.

1983: John Upledger established the cranio-sacral concept for the whole body.

1985: J. P. Barral developed the concept of visceral manipulation.

1993: Great Britain, followed by Australia and New Zealand recognised Osteopathy.

2000: 24th June: The Colla Law in Belgium recognised Osteopathy.

2002: 5th March: France recognised Osteopathy.

History of Veterinary Osteopathy


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