Equine Osteopathy 
Dr Frank Doerges (DVM) - Qualified Equine Osteopath

 Les chevaux m'ont dit  
Dominique Giniaux


​*The horses have told me

  1. Show jumping
    Show jumping
    Jumping, speed, uneven ground and fatigue put eventers and jumpers at greater risk for injuries that are sudden and severe.
  2. Dressage
    Dressage horses may be less prone to "bad-step" injuries, however repetitive stress is a big factor for them.
  3. Racing
    Ligament, tendon, and synovial injuries along with back lesions are common problems in race horses.
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Current cases

A 16year-old horse with a dorsal ilium. Malfunction and pain have caused visible muscular atrophy. Osteopathy can ease the pain and help the horse to recover. The back is showing a lordosis of the thoracic vertebrae (swaybacked).

More cases coming soon